Twitter Debuts Their New Algorithmic Timeline

On Wednesday, Twitter pushed out the update to replace the usual chronological stream of tweets with a feed of tweets most relevant to you, generated by an algorithm that selects content that you want to see.

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The Samsung-Nvidia Patent Retaliation Heats Up

Samsung and Nvidia are still having it out in court over Nvidia’s GPU technology, which they say Samsung infringed upon in their Galaxy smartphone line. However, after they were cleared of wrongdoing, Samsung fired back with four of their own patents and a suit alleging that Nvidia used their memory chip technology in production of graphics cards.

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Is Circuit City Back From The Dead?

Defunct electronics retailer Circuit City could be up and running again as soon as this spring– that is, if everything goes according to the plans of owners Ronny Shmoel and Albert Liniado.

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Breaking: Apple Patches Safari Search Crash Bug

Earlier this morning, some users of Apple’s Safari were reporting that the browser would crash when they tried to run a search from the search bar. The issue went unresolved for at least seven hours this morning. According to Apple, developers have fixed the bug, which caused the browser to crash anytime something was typed into the search bar in Safari. All Apple hardware capable of running Safari is affected. For users still experiencing browser crashes in Safari, you can disable the search feature in System Preferences for a temporary...

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Breaking: Apple Earnings Beat Street Expectations

Wrapping up another successful quarter for Apple, the company reported after the market close today that quarterly earnings per share exceeded analysts’ expectations, and a slightly lower than expected total revenue. Despite the EPS beat, many believe that the era of unprecedented growth is coming to a close for the company. Apple reported $75.9 billion in revenue and earnings of $3.28 per share for the first quarter. The numbers represent a record quarter for Apple with respect to revenue, but slightly under what analysts were expecting– earnings of $3.23 per share and revenue of $76.6 billion. One of the...

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