Category: Hardware

Intel Drops Two-Phase “Tick-Tock” Development Model

Intel’s long-used tick-tock development cycle, which consisted of manufacturing technique upgrades in one year and new chip architectures the next, is no more according to their newest 10-K. The financial filing detailed company plans to lengthen the timeline of each process technology, making their new development model a three-stage cycle– Process, Architecture, and Optimization.

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Department of Defense Standardizes on Windows 10

Windows 10 is enjoying a big boost, thanks to the US Department of Defense. This week, the DoD announced a new initiative for all Department agencies using Microsoft Operating Systems, which aims to begin deploying Windows 10 as a standard OS. Approximately four million systems will be moved to Windows 10 over the next 12 months.

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The Samsung-Nvidia Patent Retaliation Heats Up

Samsung and Nvidia are still having it out in court over Nvidia’s GPU technology, which they say Samsung infringed upon in their Galaxy smartphone line. However, after they were cleared of wrongdoing, Samsung fired back with four of their own patents and a suit alleging that Nvidia used their memory chip technology in production of graphics cards.

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