Apple Leak Reveals New iPhone and iOS Details

Apple Leak Reveals New iPhone and iOS Details

Numerous reports of new iPhone details that leaked from Apple were making their way around the internet earlier this week. According to a report from AppleInsider, the newest iPhone flagship will have dual rear cameras for increased creative control over images.

Apple’s Top-Secret Dual Cameras

Most gossip revolved around a secret camera project involving dual rear cameras in the iPhone 7 Plus. Back in June, it was reported that Apple had been working on dual camera technology for nearly three years, but the newest leaks appear to confirm that Apple has made it over the technical hurdles that kept the project from completion.

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a track record of accurate insider information, released a note to investors outlining possible details of the newest iPhone. He expects the iPhone 7 to have two configurations– one with the single rear iSight camera and another with dual 12 megapixel imaging sensors, one with an image stabilizing wide angle lens and the other with an optical zoom telephoto lens. It’s expected that Apple will source camera hardware from Sony, who has been a longstanding partner with Apple.

The war of camera phone sensors has grown heated lately. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 features a 16 megapixel sensor with optical image stabilization and auto high dynamic range. Sony packs 23 megapixels into their Xperia Z5. While Apple’s cameras have always scored well with reviewers, this is another push toward replacing iPhone owners’ DSLRs and point and shoots in their everyday, out-and-about photography.


Will Apple become the first manufacturer to make a dual-camera phone commercially successful?

Tried Before, But Not By Apple

Dual camera attempts from other manufacturers have yet to become widely adopted. The 2014 HTC One model sported a dual camera imaging system, but was replaced by the single camera setup in its successor, the One M9. If Apple can make the dual camera system that lasts, it’s likely to put the iPhone in an advantageous position over competitors as buyers see the opportunity for new creative control.

Kuo’s predictions for the new iPhone imaging system is almost identical to a patent application published last year after they purchased LinX, who was working on the imaging technology. His report also expects that the dual-camera model will account for 25 percent or more of total iPhone 7 Plus sales this year.

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