Los Angeles Hospital Network Being Held By Ransomware

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles has been facing an ongoing cyberattack for over a week. On February 5th, intruders took control of the hospital’s network and are demanding 9,000 Bitcoin, about $3.6 million, to unlock it.

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AT&T To Begin 5G Field Testing This Year

AT&T has announced that it will begin testing its 5G network in Austin, Texas before the end of this year. The mobile carrier says that 5G will be 10 to 100 times faster than the current 4G LTE technology.

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New Malware Only Targets Android Devices Outside of Russia

A piece of malware written for Android has been making its way around the underground Russian hacking networks for months, but it has just recently surfaced to Android security specialists. The interesting feature of the program: if it detects that the device is located in Russia, it stops installing itself.

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Update: Comcast Says Most Outages Have Been Restored

The Comcast service outage that affected customers across the country this morning into the early afternoon has been mostly resolved, according to a statement issued by Comcast. Network engineers were alerted to nationwide service outages this morning and are continuing to work on localized outages. However, most of the major affected areas have had their service restored as of 3 P.M. EST.

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Breaking: Comcast Experiencing Major Nationwide Outage

Comcast is currently experiencing a widespread service outage across the country, with the most heavily affected areas in San Francisco, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Washington. The first outages were reported around 6:20 A.M EST, with the majority of outage reports submitted around 11 A.M. EST.

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VAIO Announces Phone Biz with Windows 10 Mobile

In what will become a running theme throughout my articles, I am very partial when it comes to anything from the world of Microsoft. As an avid Windows fan, there is a very special place in my heart for the much maligned (I prefer the term “misunderstood”) Windows 10 Mobile operating system.  With that being said, you can imagine my excitement when VAIO, my favorite PC maker, announced its first-ever smartphone earlier this week, the VAIO Phone Biz.  And yes folks, it is a Windows 10 Mobile beauty. The VAIO Phone Biz is a mid-range phone with top-tier build quality.  It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor,...

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