Apple’s iPhone Event Set For March 15th

Apple’s iPhone Event Set For March 15th

After leaked information about the newest iPhone models surfaced last week, sources say that Apple has firmed up the date for their next Apple Event: March 15th.

We expect to see a 4 inch iPhone make its debut, as well as a dual camera flagship iPhone configuration and a new iPad. Analysts and insiders aren’t expecting a new Apple Watch model, but Apple may very well release a new line of accessories for their smart watch.

Reports of the smaller iPhone have been out for a couple of weeks now. Rumors of new Skylake MacBooks have also been floating around, but the releases are going to be heavily dependent on what Apple has ready and inventoried. Before the March 15th date was solidified, the consensus was that a March release event was probably too near and that it was more likely to be scheduled for early or mid-April.

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