AT&T Ads vs. Verizon Ads: ENOUGH already!

By now, I’m sure everyone has seen a commercial about Verizon’s “coverage” or At&t’s “Speed”. And even more so, I’m sure everyone else is sick of seeing the two companies bash each other on these issues. We get it, Verizon has a big network, At&t is faster. but is it all true? According to Verizon’s website:

Coverage maps are not a guarantee of coverage and may contain areas with no service.(The coverage is) predicted and approximate wireless coverage of the Verizon Wireless Network and the network of other carriers. some of the coverage depicted is based on their information and public sources and we cannot ensure its accuracy.

Translation: We’re exaggerating. a lot.

As a Verizon customer, I love the large network. But sometimes, Verizon is very slow. The At&t network, on the other hand, is considerably faster but doesnt cover nearly as much area. Overall, both companies have their merits, and a customer should decide which features are most important to them. So Verizon, At&t, stop bashing each other and start using that money for better purposes, maybe something like, I dont know… improving your networks?

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