Month: January 2016

Breaking: Apple Earnings Beat Street Expectations

Wrapping up another successful quarter for Apple, the company reported after the market close today that quarterly earnings per share exceeded analysts’ expectations, and a slightly lower than expected total revenue. Despite the EPS beat, many believe that the era of unprecedented growth is coming to a close for the company. Apple reported $75.9 billion in revenue and earnings of $3.28 per share for the first quarter. The numbers represent a record quarter for Apple with respect to revenue, but slightly under what analysts were expecting– earnings of $3.23 per share and revenue of $76.6 billion. One of the...

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Apple To Offer Subscription Content Through News App

Apple is working on adding subscription-based content to it’s News app, giving paid news sources another outlet to reach readers. The change comes at an opportune time for news publishers, who rely on services like News and Facebook to reach readers, but gets between them and a paid subscription. The Wall Street Journal, for example, requires payment to read more than an excerpt of most of its articles, but publishes a few free full articles to Apple News every day. Launched back in September, the News app succeeded Newsstand, in which users could read newspapers and magazines. According to...

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Spotify Rolling Out Video Content

Music streaming service Spotify has announced plans to debut video content on its Android app. The video feature will be released to Android users this week, while iOS users will receive video sometime next week. In a Wall Street Journal story published Monday, Spotify’s vice president of product Shiva Rajaraman noted, “…our primary user is a music fan, and they are not necessarily leaning in and looking into the app,” While video might get some users to spend more time in the app, the biggest issue is getting them to pay attention to content in an app that most...

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