Breaking: Back to the Mac Apple Event

Breaking: Back to the Mac Apple Event

“Come see what’s new for the Mac on October 20, including a sneak peek of the next major version of Mac OS X,” says the latest Apple invite to their event which will be held at 10 am Pacific at the company’s Cupertino headquarters.

Their has been much speculation about what there is in store for iphone and verizon and iPad getting iOS4 but this event seems to be purely centered around OSX .
There is a hint of what is to come on the inivte as well. The Lion most probably indicates a new OS7 as Apple has used all big cats-Leopard, Tiger, Panther, Jaguar, Puma, Cheetah, and Kodiak for their previous Operating Systems. And Then there is the aluminum(?) laptop case in the foreground?

Over at CNET, Dan Ackerman thinks the Mac event could be a showcase for a new MacBook Air.

If there’s one product that’s positively screaming for an update, it’s Apple’s cult favorite ultrathin 13-inch laptop,” Ackerman write. “Except for a few minor component updates, it’s essentially the same machine as originally introduced in 2008.” Still, the team at CNET offers at least one reservation: “In the era of sub-$500 laptops and tablets, is a high-end status symbol machine really going to be a top priority?

According to Apple Insider:
Persistent rumors out of the Far East have suggested Apple is gearing up to overhaul the MacBook Air line with a newly designed 11.6-inch display, creating a more aggressively priced notebook for students and the business traveler. Those reports claim that Apple plans to ship around a half-million units before the end of the 2010 calendar year. The current MacBook Air sports a larger 13.3-inch display.

Rumors of a MacBook Air with an 11.6-inch display first cropped up in July. It was said the redesigned hardware will be even slimmer and lighter, and will be powered by an Intel Core i-series ultra-low voltage processor.

There’s also been a mixture of chatter regarding a much cheaper, thinner 11.6-inch Apple notebook that would weigh as little as 2.7 pounds due to the possibility of new carbon fiber unibody construction, though AppleInsider cannot confirm any of those reports with any degree of certainty, nor can it confirm somewhat related rumors that such a model would coincide with Apple’s reported plans to adopt the latest microprocessors from AMD into some of its Mac models. Instead, those reports are highlighted here simply for the sake of completeness.

Meanwhile, Larry Dignan of ZDNet thinks that Apple could be ready to introduce the FaceTime platform – which is currently available on the iPhone 4 and the newest iPod Touch – to the MacBook line.

“Perhaps it’s time to meet the Mac as video conferencing unit,” Dignan writes.

There is also some speculation about iLife getting kicked up a notch or maybe two. The last update was in 2009. Could there be an iLife 10 or even 11?

It has been leaked that the 13 inch MacBook finally has been given the core i3 microprocessor, so that may spoil an announcement but surely won’t quell the talk about it at the event.

And who knows, there may even be something “magical”!

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