Fujitsu Releasing Color e-Paper!

Fujitsu’s Electronic paper, currently used on most e-readers such as Kindle and Sony, is a type of display that attempts to mimic the appearance of ink on a sheet of paper. The screens are often flexible and use very little power because energy is only required when the image is being written to the screen. Once written the image remains without the need for a power supply.

Fujitsu is now coming out with a new e-paper screen that they say will be easier on the eyes and has several improvements over the older prototypes. It will be on exhibit at the company’s Fujitsu Forum exhibition in central Tokyo this week. The screens should be out to the Japanese consumer later this year. The latest model features a 7:1 contrast ratio – a threefold improvement over previous models – and a page turn speed of 0.7 seconds based on an image size of 1,024×768. If these new screens are all that they are projected to be, it could mean a revolution in e-reader technology.

For a history of Electronic paper, go here :

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