Sony's Wireless LCD TV!

sony_xbr10When Sony releases an XBR series TV, it is usually a remarkable feat, and their latest is no exception. The brand new Sony BRAVIA XBR10 LCD TV is stunning. Before even discussing the technical feats of the set, it is obvious that Sony’s designers put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into the design. From the Piano Black finish to the thin bezel of of “floating glass” to the chrome trim to the intricate stand, nothing about this display was overlooked. It is simply the most stunning TV Sony has yet to produce, and you would be hard pressed to find a better looking competitor. Now for the tech behind the beauty. It is 52″ and Full HD 1080P. It uses an “edge-lit” backlight that enables it to be less than an inch thick. Besides the super-slim form factor, the edge-lighting provides an unmatched 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio for the deepest blacks and the brightest whites. It also sports MotionFlow 240Htz frame rate technology for smooth action in the most explosive scenes. New to this TV is Sony’s new Bravia 1080 Wireless technology. This means that the only cord that connects to the TV itself is the power cord. All of the other connections are plugged into a small transmitter that sends the Full HD signal to the TV wirelessly. This is a remarkable innovation that no other TV has yet brought to the ring. It also supports Sony’s new Bravia Internet Video, which gives you native access to movies and videos through YouTube, Amazon On Demand, Sports Illustrated, Sony Pictures, Sony Music, and I doubt the internet features will be great, but it is a good start to internet integration in televisions. All-in-all, this is in my opinion the most impressive TV I’ve ever seen. There is simply no comparison for the features, the form factor, and the beautiful design the XBR10. It is availiable now and retails for $4,999.99. For more details visit and locate the XBR10 in their Television department.


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