Software Mimics Person's Voice : NPR

via: Software Mimics Person’s Voice : NPR.

This has been one of the main tech topics of the week from the Oprah Show to NPR as software developers in Edinborough, Scotland from a company called CereProc have refined voice recognition software to emulate the voice of Roger Ebert. Roger Ebert lost his voice to the effects of cancer surgery and spoke through CereProc’s recreation of his voice on Oprah this week.

Listen to this NPR story which delves more into the process used by CereProc to create these more acurate voices and some examples of their results.


I think that they have come closer to achieving  the essence of some of the voices but I do not think they are there yet. Intonation is still not on the mark and the voices have that autotone quality. But to give a voice back to someone who has been robbed of specch is a wonderful thing. What do you think?

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