Adobe Flash For Everyone Except iPhone

no-flashRecently read on Evangelist, Ryan Stewart’s Rundown on the MAX News

We’ve been saying all year that Flash on mobile devices is a push this year and we’ve made a lot of progress. Today … we’re going to be showing off Flash Player 10.1 for smartphones. This is the version of the Flash Player that we’ve been working on so hard this year … with some great partners … to optimize the player for those devices and create a quality mobile experience.

Possibly more important is that the number of companies committed to the Open Screen Project continues to grow. Today we announced that RIM is joining the Open Screen Project, which means that Blackberry will be supporting Flash Player 10.1. Google is also on board. We’ll have public versions of Flash Player 10.1 for Palm, and Windows Mobile later this year with Google Android and Symbian following shortly. Developers will have mobile bits in their hands soon.

We also announced AIR 2.0, which is going to give Flash developers a lot more native hooks into the operating system. A lot of the developers I talked to wanted it and so that’s what the team did. Mike Chambers talked about some of these features at Flash on the Beach. Another cool feature of AIR 2.0 is the ability to record from the microphone without going to a server. getMicrophone can now be a reality

Well we now know that Apple is not among this list of “great partners”. It seems like Apple’s lover’s spat with Adobe continues so there will be no Flash for the iPhone. I for one am tired of not having Flash on my iPhone. When someone comments on how I must love my iPhone because it is just like a litttle computer…I have to reply “Hardly. It does not support Flash! I can not even show some of the graphics, videos and websites I have created as a designer”.

Apple, you had better get yourself in gear.


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