250GB PlayStation 3 Announced!

PS3 Slim 250GBThree weeks ago, on September 1, Sony officially launched the new 120GB “PS3 Slim.” It is thinner, lighter, and much more efficient than the original PS3. CNET reported that it uses almost half of the electricity of the old PS3.  Also new is that it sports a new 45nm Cell Processor which is half of the size of the original 90nm Cell Processor, which in turn means it produces less heat and uses less electricity while still processing data just as fast as before!  Sony claims they have sold over 1 million of these units since it was launched.  Due to its fantastic success, Sony has announced they will be launching a new sku of the “PS3 Slim” with a 250GB HDD, more than twice the standard 120GB HDD!  Best of all, the price is only $50 more than the 120GB, making it $349.99!  The 120GB sells for $299.99, which is a bargain for a media archiving, game playing, internet browsing, Blu-Ray playing monster.  I have always preached that the PlayStation 3 is the best value for the money, and this new 250GB is no exception!


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