Sony VAIO X Announced!

Sony VAIO XSony’s Networked Products and Services Group has just announced the latest addition to the VAIO family of PCs!  It is dubbed the X-series, and it is amazing.  You could call it a mini-PC, a netbook, a lifestyle PC, or any other acronym, but it is innovative and cutting edge either way.  It sports a incredibly thin form factor, even thinner than the MacBook Air!  It has an 11.1″ screen with a LED backlight that makes it razor-thin, and weighs a scant 1.6lbs!  It is powered by the Intel Atom Z550 chipset and has 2gb of RAM.  Arguably its most impressive feat is that with the included battery it can achieve up to 14 hours of battery life!  No PC has ever provided that much computing time with the included battery.  It also boasts a 128gb SSD to insure low-heat operating and quick loading.  It will ship with Windows 7 Home Premium installed.  Also included is the option to use WAN (Wide Area Network) provided through Verizon Wireless, so you are no longer limited by the range of WiFi.  Bluetooth is also built in for wireless transferring of data through A2DP.  For the incredibly low price of $1499, it is a must-have for anyone craving a portable and sleek system.  It will be available in black and gold and launch in late October to coincide with the launch of Windows 7.

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