Windows 7 Prices "Leaked"

windows7logoA $49 upgrade to 7 Home Premium? I think Microsoft deliberately leaked this, trying to find out if the public would like this price.

If the response is good, they will price it that way for a while, and possibly think of other ways to entice you to part with your dollars. Of course, people who buy computers after July 1 will get a copy free, but as others have cited, what will be the tale to tell is how many XP users will be willing to change over to this new kid on the block. With the  lessened specs needed for hardware, many people running XP will only need to upgrade their video card, as driver support for many of the popular XP era cards has stopped.

While many will not be lured by the many flavors of Windows, a good number will, and pricing, after that introductory period, is what I’d rather know about. If Microsoft wanted to make a real dent, they could offer a family pack, similar to the one Apple offers. Though they might make a lot less per copy, they would likely make entire families change, bringing many more people into Micrsoft Windows’ grasp.

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