Google Introduces New Image Search Interface

On Tuesday, Google introduced a redesigned interface for Google Images. Google Images product manager Nate Smith says that images have become one of the most popular types of Google searches and that Google decided to update its image search to keep up with the increasing number of images online.

Bing’s image search may also have added to the decision to add a redesign, considering the similarities of Bing’s scrolling and the new instant scrolling in Google Images. The new Google Images is being brought out over the next few days, but is available now for most image searches.

“We hope they not only make it easier to search for images, but also contribute to a better aesthetic experience,” said Smith in a post on Google’s Blog. “We see images as a major source of inspiration, a way of connecting the world — and their growth is showing no signs of slowing down.”

You can now able to scroll through up to 1000 images on a single page, the image tiles have less white space between them, there’s keyboard navigation, the previews have been made bigger, and there’s now a hover pane that shows the image preview when rolling over a thumbnail. The page that loads when a user clicks on an image shows the image in the frame of the Web site that hosts it. Clicking outside the image area opens the site in a full window.

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