Intel Drops Two-Phase “Tick-Tock” Development Model

Intel Drops Two-Phase “Tick-Tock” Development Model

Intel’s tick-tock development cycle, which consisted of manufacturing technique upgrades in one year and new chip architectures the next, is no more according to their newest 10-K filing.

The statement detailed company plans to lengthen the timeline of each process technology, making their new development model a three-stage cycle– Process, Architecture, and Optimization.

We expect to lengthen the amount of time we will use our 14nm and our next-generation 10nm process technologies, further optimizing our products and process technologies while meeting the yearly market cadence for product introductions.

The 10-K said that Intel plans to spend more time with the current 14nm chips, and that 10nm chips will also stick around longer after release. The plan allows the company to continue releases each year, but upgrades in performance will likely be less evident than in previous previous releases.



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