DTV is finally here

The long wait is over, the time for DTV is finally here! Starting tomorrow, all television stations must shut off their analog signals and transmit only in digital.
This mandate was supposed to begin in February, but was delayed by Congress because people weren’t ready. Many, including us, said that if you weren’t ready at that point, you aren’t going to be ready. As predicted, many are still not ready. Maybe no television signal will give them the clue? It’s not like they didn’t have notice. They were making “digital ready tvs” way back in ’99. They’ve been talking about this for years, and we are one of the later countries to make the switch. All that I know is that I have really bad cable, and I’ve got this sinking feeling it’s still going to stink tomorrow.
Who’s ready, who’s not? We’ll find out in less than 24 hours.

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Jamie is a co-founder and senior editor at Technigrated, covering all facets of the tech industry. In addition to working at Technigrated, Jamie is a Founding Partner of NBR Design Studio, a graphic and web design and hosting firm headquartered in Bethany Beach, DE.

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