Smartphone Kombat: Pre vs. Iphone

Now, unless you have been completely devoid of any social contact to the modern technological world in the past two years, the new bustling device to sweep everyone’s pokcet market is the Iphone. The Iphone, made by Apple, has sold considerably well during the recent recession; and that’s under AT&T.

During the last year, the T-Mobile G1 was released, to rival the popular Iphone. Sadly, T-Mobile’s limited network has not reached to more of the mainstream phone users.

Now, however, there is a new kid on the block, the Palm Pre.  The race is close between the two, as seen in the image below.

iphone-prechart-660x597As you can see, the two phones are very similar, but have major defining differences. The Pre’s carrier, Sprint, will be supporting 4G network connectivity with the phone on it’s June 6 launch. This achievement towers over the iphone, which will not support 4G until next year.

On the flip side, the iPhone has a popular app store. The Pre’s store, which will open at launch, will not have the same popularity initially, nor will it have the same recognition. This, so far, is the iPhone’s only real defense against the Pre, which improves off the iPhone.

For starters, the Pre has a keyboard. No longer will you need to constantly clean your glossy, smudge-beaten touch screen. Now, it is a convenient slide down keyboard, which trumps the G1’s attempt as well.

Another, and major, benefit is the removable battery! And, when it dies, you won’t have to send it to apple to Frankenstein it back to life.  Plus, with a better camera, web-integration, and more supported messaging formats, it makes the iPhone inferior.

Multi-tasking is a reality on the Pre. On the iPhone, running two apps at once is not an option. However, the Pre allows you to run multiple apps, such as listening to music while editing a document.

Finally, the Pre will also extend to other networks a few months after launch. If it were to move to verizon, which is very likely, it’s popularity would skyrocket above that of the iPhone’s. With its wider range, more coverage, and the most users, verizon would serve as the gateway for the Pre to travel through smartphone awesomeness.

I’m not trying to say the Pre is going to knock the socks off the iPhone, or that Apple sales will fall in the next year. All I am pointing out, is there is an underdog in the smart-phone ring…and it easily could win the title fight.

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  1. The pre owns. Why would you want to be without a battery for a month and a keyboard dagg.

  2. these 2 phones are great advances in the technological world they can access so many different things but personally i would prefer the i phone because of its simplicity

  3. iPhone is not going to be beaten any time soon. They've worked out their biggest kinks and know what they need to improve for their next releases. All developers have their eyes set on app store which just CRUSHES all the other competition. I have a guitar tuner on my phone. I mean c'mon. Everyone should just go work for apple so we can speed up the process of their inevitable perfection.

  4. Haha very true. Plus, the beta for the Iphone 3 SDK was released a couple days ago, not to mention the Iphone Gen 3 as well

  5. An amusing video from the Buzz Report: Basically, it says get a Pre! However, I love the iPhone and all of it's apps. We will see if the Pre can surpass the iPhone but it's not likely. The iPhone can be anything, but will the Pre? It will be decided in just a few short days!


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