Sony's latest PC: the VAIO E-series!

Nobody was really expecting an announcement from Sony’s VAIO PC department, but we sure did get one!  Sony’s latest PC, the VAIO E-series, is the first new VAIO announced since CES 2010.

As one will first notice from the picture above, this new VAIO is very colorful.  Arguably this PC’s most unique aspect is the sheer amount of color choices one can pick from.  There is Iridescent Blue, Hibiscus Pink, Caribbean Green, Lava Black, Gunmetal Black, and Coconut White.  All these colors are beautifully incorporated into the body of the computer, including the lid, tray, and sides.  The keyboards are black on all of them but the Coconut White, which has a matching white keyboard.  However, Sony will also sell Keyboard “Skins” that are availiable in even more colors including Violet, Pink, Green, and Black!  This means there are very many combinations to choose from between the PC itself and the keyboard color if you opt for the skin.  Also, the keyboard skins are only $19.99 a piece!

Now even though it is very colorful, it is still a streamlined PC!  Notable features include its 15.5″ HD widescreen display (1366×768), Intel Core i3 – 330M processor (2.13GHz), Microwsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition, roomy 500GB HDD, 4GB of RAM, HDMI output, Bluetooth, MotionEye web camera, and a relatively light weight of 5.9lbs.  And all those features are availiable for only $799.99!  That’s right – those are the standard features that you get for only $799.99!  Also noteable is that even with all those features it should be able to easily achieve 3.5 hours of battery life!

In the future Sony claims it will be availiable with even more powerful features.  Such options will include an Intel Core i5 – 520M processor (2.40 GHz), Blu-Ray Disc RW/RE drive, up to 8GB of RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 Graphics (with up to 512MB availiable dedicated video RAM), and Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Edition.  Now the pricing to get these upgraded featues hasn’t been detailed yet, but expect a couple-hundred dollar premium.

The Sony VAIO E-series is scheduled for release on March 5, 2010.  Keep coming back to Tech Talk for all the latest news regarding Sony and it’s VAIO PCs!

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