Nokia Ovi Has Big News for Us

Nokia sent out the above  announcement of a London press conference set for later this week, specifically Thursday, January 21. I found this on the internet and, upon investigation,  I find that I and many other bloggers are not sure what the hubbub is all about. Most likely,the event will feature Nokia Executive VP Anssi Vanjoki and Nokia UK GM Mark Loughran.Speculation seems to point to news about the newly upgraded Ovi app store. The store is witnessing around 1 million downloads a day mainly due to the huge number of Nokia phones on the market. The version 2 of the OVI Store is expected to be unveiled soon. We will have to wait till this Thursday to find out if this is the “big news” warranting a press conference.
Special announcements seem to be the flagship of this new year as Google announced their phone right before CES 2010 and Apple is planning a bg event on January 26. If anyone has even an inkling about what Nokia’s big announcement will be, please let us know.

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