Google's Very Own Phone-Nexus One-Release Soon

Photo compliments of engadget.

Yes, the world is a-buzz with the news that Google may be releasing its own mobile phone within the next few weeks. The phone has apparently been in use by “testers” within google for several weeks now. In recen tdays, photos of this “Google phone” –  the Nexus One – began appearing on the web. The device has been  produced by  HTC,Taiwan-based phone maker, and , despite its similarities to most HTC phones, the Nexus contains no HTC branding.

The Google Android System has been claimed to represent one half of recent deals with phone makers such as Motorola (Droid). Rumors are out that when the Nexus is released, Google would design the operating system, but the phone makers would be free to customize the software on their individual phones. The nexus coud concievably have its own Android version and this may cause contention with some of Google’s partners in these deals.

Other rumors circulat ethat Google is reportedly planning to sell two Nexus models: an unlocked version that allows buyers to choose their carrier, and a subsidized version in partnership with U.S. carrier T-Mobile. Of course the unlocked phone would be conceivably very pricey and as with the iPhone, consumers would likely prefer to purchase a cheaper phone with a plan than opt for an unlocked expensive phone.  Neither Google or HTC has commented on any of their plans.

Below listen to NPR’s excellent take on the Google Phone, Nexus One,  in their All Tech Considered podcast.


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