What's All the Hubub Over Apple Updates on Windows 7

I just read an amazing post by Ed Bott (whom I once admired) on Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report. I say amazing because it was entitled Apple up to its old tricks, pushing unwanted software onto PCs and it just made me laughbecause it was so full of bluster and anger over Apple not knowing how to deliver updates to a computer. Hello, Microsoft, the king of untimely updates that does not allow you to install later (as the Mac Does)and makes you restart your computer and hope that you recently saved?

Apparently Mr. Bott was annoyed when this popped up on his Windows 7:

and after a series of rants then explains that because when he :

installed Boot Camp, Apple recommended it to me. Indeed, if there’s an important update to the Apple-provided software I actually chose to install – the Boot Camp services and assorted drivers for Apple’s hardware – I would like to know about it. But there is no scenario under which any of these programs could be considered updates to software I installed, and Apple never asked my permission to offer additional software to me.

Well there is the issue. He is running Windows on a Mac in Boot Camp, so of course he gave permission for his mac computer to install such updates as iTunes.  Get over it!

I am just excited to see Windows 7 finally accepting third party updates!

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