iTunes Store Adding Slew of HD Films

hdIt’s been almost two years since HD video came to the iTunes. In its early stages,  around in January 2008, we saw a slow emergence of rentals for Apple TV . Then we gradually saw a a limited amount of  HD movies for sale. Growth to the catalog has been at a snail’s pace ever since. With today’s sudden appearance of oodles of movies in iTunes, released without much fanfare, ow there are upwards of 250 HD movies for rent or sale. The selections are pricey at $20 with a few exceptions and some premium films are available for rent only.

There are some stellar selections such as Wall-E, a pre-order for Star Trek (which was only available in SD until now), Hero, The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, Knowing, Bolt, and many more. Many classics have arrived in HD as well, including both Kill Bill movies, Short Circuit, Zoolander, No Country for Old Men, to name a few.

The release of these new films will be a boon to itunes attempt at closing out others on the serving up of video content and may be a sign that the studios are getting on board with the new digital  age.

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