Dropbox for iPhone Is Out Now!

In one of the most anticipated announcements having to do with iPhone /iPod apps, via the Dropbox Blog, Dropbox is now available for free download for Mac, Windows and Linux.

This awesome cross-platform cloud storage and sharing app which has been available from your Desktop is now available  from your iPhone . Never fear. If you don’t already have a an account,  the software will prompt you to create a free 2GB Dropbox account. Afterwards you can view files, and stream music or videos that are stored in your Dropbox folder right from your phone.

This cool  app can view images (jpg, tiff, gif), music, movies (mov, mp4, m4v), Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Pages, and Numbers docs, PDFs, Keynote presentations, HTML pages, txt files and vcards.

If you already use Desktop Dropbox  you know  ahow easy its auto-sync features are to use.Again, don’t worry, he iPhone app will not actively sync the entire Dropbox collection. You can set up an automatic  download profile to your phone.  By “favoriting” a Dropbox file it will  auto-sync. Just hit the star at the bottom of any file, and it’ll be added. When a new version of a file is available, you’ll be notified on your  iPhone and be prompted to sync.

Other features of the app include :

• One-click sharing of your Dropbox files by email

• A photo gallery view.

•Ability to  upload photos and video directly to your Dropbox

•Link to  your Shared folders to  share your media with others

• Integration  with Apple’s camera API

This beautiful killer app is bound to make your life easier. It is fast, it is easy it is multifunctional. What more can I say?

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