Ipod Touch Will Soon have a Microphone and Camera…Making it an Iphone…

ipodtouchmicroSo rumor is in the Apple Community that the new release of the iPod Touch will have a microphone and camera. A well connected source, from Wired, said this is indeed correct, and a plant in China is currently building new model iPod’s as I write this article. With these two new peripherals, who exactly would need a home phone anymore?

If one were to say, download the Skype or Google Voice App, then, supposedly use it on this iPod, the need for a home phone service would be completely unnecessary ideal. But of course, no one would ever do that would they?

Regardless of whether or not you’re trying to find ways to sneak out of your phone bill, this move by Apple is still momentous, because it creates a communications device wherever Wi-Fi is available, which is everywhere.

Voice activated and Camera operating App’s will also be available with the release of the new iPod, unveiling a wider range of uses and functions.

If I were you, be excited, soon you can talk on your iPod.

(Also, with use of Verizon Mi-Fi, you could create an “Iphone” in the Verizon Network, which has been long awaited)

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