iPhone 3Gs ALERT!

Well those of you who were dying to be one of the first, as I, to get a pre-order on a new iPhone, better not hold your breath. I just attempted the same. Upon logging into Apple and putting in all of my info and being informed that I could indeed order now,with free shipping and receive my new phone by June 19, I suddenly got a “site down for maintenance” message. I talked with an Apple iPhone Rep and was told that they were just as stunned by the release of the phone as we were this afternoon (EST)morning (PST) and they could not keep up with the flood of interest on the internet. They were “advised” to tell customers not to attempt to place an order until the 17th of June-Yikes!-Just 2 days before the actual release in stores. How do you like them Apple(s)?3gs


  1. b/Update: You may be able to preorder at your local AT&T store but be prepared to have to go to the store and present cash or credit card. There are no phone or internet orders there./b


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