App of the Week: Seesmic

App of the Week: Seesmic

As you may have heard me say before I prefer Seesmic over Tweetdeck as a Twitter application. However it seems that I and other Seesmic users have been waiting forever for the cute little Seesmic Racoon  to show up in theiPhone  app store. Even the Blackberry has an app for it. But the iphone Seesmic app is finally here.

Just like in the BlackBerry version, Seesmic for iPhone includes baked-in support for Ping .fm since it was acquired back in January. You can manage multiple Twitter accounts and your Facebook account within the app, along with saved searches, trending topics and Lists.

The app uses the four-paned splash screen easily accessed  from the upper left of each individual timeline screen. It allows you to easily and quickly toggle between the various accounts you have set up within the app. Similar to the way iPhone app screens are arranged, you can add extra pages of accounts as well for easy switching between views. Just like in the iPhone UI, you can tap and hold an individual account icon on the splash screen to re-arrange the order of the accounts.

The app also integrates with ever-popular Evernote .This will allow you to send important updates and messages right to the cloud.

Check out this video demo:

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