And Now On to Windows 8

Even though Windows 7 just went to manufacturing in July, there are already rumors about Windows 8. Microsoft’s Anders Vindberg confirmed that planning sessions were already being held for Windows 8, and 12 different working groups had been created. Most of these groups are currently management related.

Some recent job postings have hinted that Microsoft will be implementing a new “TLZ file compression engine” to improve Hibernate performance. So if you crave a quicker resume after Hibernating, you could get your wish. There may also be additional kernel protections using PatchGuard.

Microsoft’s Dublin application will likely be included in any new Windows Server. Cloud-based services are also  a probability since Microsoft  Windows Azure is in the offing.

Predictions from Microsoft’s Italian subsidiary has Windows 8 (actually “codename Windows 8″) penciled in for a 2012 release according to this”roadmap”:

Windows 8 Server Roadmap

This is predictable if Microsoft adheres to its usual 2.5-3 year schedule of release(Vista launched in January ’07 and Windows 7  October ’09 then Windows 8 likely in ’12).

her is an extra treat I found on (Surprise!)

Dubbed the Copenhagen user experience, the following video is supposed to be a concept for a future generation of Windows – namely Windows 8.

Copenhagen User Experience from Copenhagen Concept on Vimeo.

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