Author: Kevin Clayland

Steve "The WOZ" Wozniack cuts San Jose, CA line to get his iPhone 3Gs

Apparently the WOZ was stroling into the San Jose Vally Fair Apple Store and asked people if he could be the first to get the 3Gs. A witness was quoted in saying: “I just got my iPhone this morning at the Apple Store in Valley Fair (San Jose, CA) and Steve Wozniak was there. I arrived at 3:50am and Mr. Woz was chopping it up with the manager at Apple. Then around 4:30am he politely asked everyone in line if he could be the 1st to get his iPhone at the store and everyone said yes.” I would have made him do the cha cha like he did on dancing with the stars before he could cut before me. (No I wouldnt...

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Macbook Pro to now include the 13 inch

Apple has thrown a curveball recently. The new Unibody Macbooks are now considered to be part of the Pro family. Prices have stayed the same for now and there is no rumors of it rising. For now, the only Macbook you can buy is the 13 inch white polycarbonate one that has extremely similar specs as the newly transferred unibody 13 inch Macbook Pro. I guess Apple decided that since the new unibody’s look so similar that they should be in the same family, The Pro...

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Snow Leopard is coming!

Thats right, Snow Leopard is due to be out sometime in September, only a month before the release of Windows 7 (coincidence?) What is most suprising is the cost of the upgrade with users on Leopard. With only $29 you can receive the needed upgrade package to update your mac. This sure beats the upgrade from Tiger to Leopard. -Kevin...

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Firefox 3.5 beta4 released

Firefox 3.5 beta4 has just been released with great new features. I would suggest any average person to a least try it out. The add-on’s that are compatible with previous versions will not necessarily work with the new 3.5 version. For mac there is a DMG you are able to download. I would recommend not overwriting your current version of Firefox in case you run into any bugs. Simply just keep the new version on your desktop and not in your application folder (for Mac).The windows version seems to be preforming well too. The experience for Firefox users are about to be rocked once it goes out of beta and is a full release. -Kevin Clayland (PS: I’m actually using it as we...

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