Update: Comcast Says Most Outages Have Been Restored

Update: Comcast Says Most Outages Have Been Restored

The Comcast service outage that affected customers across the country this morning into the early afternoon has been mostly resolved, according to a statement issued by Comcast. Network engineers were alerted to nationwide service outages this morning and are continuing to work on localized outages. However, most of the major affected areas have had their service restored as of 3 P.M. EST.

Most outage reports were submitted around 11 A.M. EST, but some customers noticed a total loss of service as early as 6:20 this morning. As seen in the outage heatmap below, the service interruptions were concentrated in San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Baltimore, New York, Washington, and Philadelphia.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 2.00.12 PM

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