Google Unveils Nexus One

nexusWe had promised coverage of the Nexus One unveiling today but realized that CNN has gained access to broadcasting this event as well as CES 2010.

The pre-CES announcement today of the “Real” Googlephone, the Nexus One may have overshadowed the Mobile Phone  presentations planned for the upcoming International event. The release of this phone was greatly anticuipated by those who look to the Nexus One to be the “iPhone Killer”. However with Apple’s over 100,000 apps to Google’s  mere 16,000 negate that idea right up front. But with Google’s seemingly not flustered by this attitude as their spokesperson today stressed their phone’s openness: allowing multiple service providers and applications from multiple developers, unlike Apple’s one-stop shopping approach for the iPhone.Google Vice President of engineering Andy Rubin said.

I think the message isn’t to the iPhone specifically. I think it’s to consumers. I think choice to consumers is an important thing.

Google unveils Nexus One ‘superphone’ –

The phone is available today unlocked for $530.00 or with service plan for $178.00. The web site is up
if anyone out there gets one let us know what you think. Is it the iphone killer? Did you get the phone with service or unlocked?

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