After Christmas Tips

Here is a list of some excellent tips to follow after the Holidays are over.

  • Don’t groan when the credit card bills roll in from the holiday shopping. You know it was money well spent. Of course, when shopping, always look for the best deals, and coupons. Try to stay away from “impulse buying”, as well. Plan your budget, make a list of who to buy for and ideas for them, and be done with it.
  • Remember to keep track of who gave you what – especially if you are going to re-gift certain items.
  • Don’t focus your resolutions only on yourself. Dedicate at least one to doing something to make the world better, and KEEP doing it throughout the year.
  • Shake the hand of any man or woman you meet who works in a life-saving occupation, including law enforcement, health care personnel, and military members. Let them know how much what they do is appreciated.
  • Remember… love, joy and friendship isn’t only about the holidays. Keep them going all year long.
  • Random acts of kindness can go a long way to making this world a much better place.

Remember the true spirit of the season, and don’t get all caught up in the commercialism!  Enjoy your holiday, and remember to stay cool!

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