AT&T Sues Verizon Over "There's A Map For That" Ads from The Consumerist

AT&T has had it with Verizon’s “there’s a map for that ads” and have filed a lawsuit. AT&T claims that the ad misleads the audience. They say “while the blank spaces in Verizon’s map actually show places where there is no Verizon service at all — the blank spaces in the AT&T map may still have voice and data coverage — just not “3G” coverage”.

AT&T’s concern is  that the less technically savvy customer will look at the maps and think AT&T doesn’t work in some entire regions or even entire states where there is actually coverage.

Ironically Verizon has already changed the ad. It now  includes a disclaimer that voice and data are still available in the white space on AT&T’s map.They also removed  reference to AT&T customers being “out of touch.” I guess AT&T did think that was enough.

From the lawsuit:

By continuing to use a “3G” coverage map in its advertisements, Verizon is still conveying the message that AT&T has no coverage in the white or blank space included in the map, and thus AT&T customers cannot use their phones in large portions of the United States.

You can see entire  the lawsuit here.

Thanks to The Consumerist for this tidbit.


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