Blackberry Storm2 Released

The new BlackBerry Storm was released one week ago for Verizon(USA) and Vodafone (International). So far, the latest creation from Research In Motion, ltd has been a success, as well as a much needed upgrade of the old BlackBerryblackberry-storm-2-pic-1 The latest RIM BlackBerry features not only the latest BlackBerry Mobile OS (Version 5.0), an improved resolution screen, and a ton of other features. but the two most important ones; the improved touchscreen and Wi-Fi support. The Storm2 features an improved SurePress interface, which is designed to be more accurate and more effective. Unlike the old (piece of garbage) BlackBerry Storm, the new Storm2 has four button zones instead of 1, meaning that texting, email, surfing the web, and just using the phone, is more accurate, faster, and easier to use. the BlackBerry now has a much more streamlined, smoother design, and now looks more like a legitimate touchscreen smartphone. Even better, the Storm2 does not have the small “gap” between the screen and the body of the phone, meaning dust and dirt won’t be a problem. and best of all, the new storm2 has complete wi-fi capability. As an old BlackBerry  Storm owner, I think that most of these new features should have been on the first model. The past aside, the BlackBerry Storm2 is an excellent smartphone, and at $179.99 (with 2-year agreement), a great deal.

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