JUST IN: Use Google Voice With Your Existing Number

googlevoice1Just in from the Google Blog: Up until now to use Google Voice we had to choose a “Google Phone Number”. This number allowed us many features like cell recording, call screening and text messaging. The service is pretty nifty but many were reluctant to switch to a new phone number. So Google is announcing today a new version of Google Voice where you can use your existing phone number.

But here is the catch according to the Google Blog :

But we know not everyone wants to switch to a new phone number, so it made sense for us to create a lighter version of Google Voice for people who are willing to trade some features for the ability to use their existing numbers.

We’re excited to announce that you now have the choice to get Google Voice with your existing mobile number OR with a Google number.

If you sign up using your existing number, you’ll still get many of Google Voice’s features. Most notably, you’ll get all the functionality of Google voicemail, as explained in this video:

If you already have a Google Voice account, you can add Google voicemail to any mobile phone you’ve linked to your account. If you’re not yet using Google Voice, you can request an invite or ask a friend with a Google Voice account to send you an invitation. When you receive the invitation to sign up, you can choose to use Google Voice with your existing number — or to get a Google number for additional features.

Not quite so clear if existing users can also switch to their existing phone number.Hmmm….

Guess we will find out tonight. Meanwhile let us know your experiences with Google Voice.


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