PS3 Reigns Supreme!

ps-slim-gal-011It is has been glorious month for Sony Computer Entertainment America.  The PlayStation 3, which is now $299, took the sales crown for September, beating out both the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360.  NPD Group reports that the PlayStation 3 sold 491,800 units, the Wii sold 462,800 units, and lastly the Xbox 360 with 352,600 units.  Sony’s PlayStation 3 has long been ridiculed for its high price tag, originally starting at $599.  Over the last three years, the price has decreased from $599 to $499 to $399, and now, $299.  Not only is the price better, but the new Slim form factor has also motivated the consumers to buy it – it is thinner, lighter, twice as efficient, has double the hard drive space (120GB), and half the price as the original 60GB model.  I have always preached that the PS3 was a great value for everything it offers (Blu-Ray, Full HD, Music, Photos, Movies, Internet Browser, PSN, and awesome Titles), but apparently $299 is the sweet spot.  I expect the momentum to continue, as Sony is finally crafting a decent ad campaign for it as well.

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