! Billion Visits Per Day on YouTube* (reposted)

youtube_billionIf you visited Youtube today, you probably noticed a new logo and the words “1 billion views per day”. YouTube deserves the bragging rights because that is quite an accomplishment.
On September 30 we reported via Mashable and Jennifer VanGrove http://go.cosmicthings.com/google-tube/ that Google and YouTube (remember they are practically one and the same) have experienced the uploading of 1 Billion videos per month. That is enough for any system to handle, but being hit by a billlion visitors per day , well that is phenomenal!
Congratulations YouTube! Many don’t know how they ever lived without you. Indeed, along with all of the silly stuff that is put out there, we have seen many positive messages, tutorials, testimonials, trailers, and the like that have contributed to our knowledge as well.

*Note this post was originally posted on October 9 but was inadvertently deleted

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