BREAKING: Apple plugs 33 Mac OS X Security Holes and Updates Flash on Leopard

Could Apple’s new found popularity and (rising share in the market)over the past be a bad thing? Are hackers and attackers now seeing mac as a viable target?apple-holes

Today Apple deployed another (three in the past week) MacOSX mega-update with fixes for at least 33 serious security holes including patches for third party components as well. Adobe Flash player, MySQL, PHP, and CLAM AV were included in these patches and a separate Snow Leopard update aimed at fixing a faulty installment of the Flash Player which was included with its release only two weeks ago. The Flash Player contained nine various vulnerabilities, some of which could a computer to takeover assaults through rigged Web pages. Other components with serious security defects are Alias Manager, CarbonCore, ColorSync, CoreGraphics and ImageIO

Also, today, Apple delivered security fixes for the iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as another upgrade for its QuickTime media player.

Go to Software Updates in the Preferences or under the Apple menu or to Apple’s Software Downloads Update site to get this fix as soon as possible.

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