Hiding in Every iPod Touch 3rd Generation

Finally WiFi 802.11n has been released and approved by the IEEE and Lo  and Behold the 3rd Generation iPhone Touch is one of those devices that already has a wireless chip that supports this new standard.touch-1

Our Friends at iFixit opened up  an iPod Touch  and  found a Broadcom BCM4329 chip inside the new 3rd-gen device — a wireless receiver that supports 802.11n. The iPhone 3GS has a BCM4325 chip, which only supports 802.11 a/b/g. The new iPod touch does not support 802.11n Wi-Fi out of the box. This is rather disconscerting and confusing as to the lack of consistency between Apple products.  Many ask if this could mean that Apple has become complacent in their glory with the amount of sales despite some of the features that were “left out”.

But perhaps even more interesting  for those of us puzzled by the lack of inclusion of a camera in the iPod Touch this week. (see our Live Apple Event Coverage) is news that evidence has been found that it was at least prepared for .touch-2

iFixit. in their recent disassembly of the iPod Touch 3rd Gen,  found enough space for a video camera, like the one featured in the  nano. In addition, the space is in the center top on the back but there are no headers on the iPod’s board for any camera cable.

It appears that Apple left in room for a camera in the top of the device,” the solutions provider said. “There is a 6mm x 6mm x 3mm space between the Broadcom chip and the wireless antenna. There isn’t enough depth for an iPhone-style autofocus still camera, but just enough room for the camera that Apple used in the 5th generation iPod nano


Says iFixit

The new device also features a Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and and a FM receiver and transmitter. However, that does not necessarily mean that the iPod touch will be able to receive and send FM signals. The latest iPod nano, however, does have a built-in FM receiver.
If they built in the antennas, and if Apple adds software support,” iFixit said, “you could theoretically stream music to your car stereo without any external hardware. But that’s a lot of ifs.

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