Facebook Lite Has Arrived!

Finally a slim, simpler and cleaner Facebook!

For anyone such as I who was one of the original Facebook users who finds that the Social network has become a bit ridiculously loud with too many buzzes and whistles, this new version is for you.

Gone is the information and navigation that was on the left sidebar of the page. There is no input field. Instead there are buttons that simply say “Write”, “Post Photos”, “Post Videos” that drop down only when input is really needed. No more “Friends” tab. This is replaced with an “Events” link that posts such things as birthdays and other notifications to which you subscribe. All of your friend updates are still displayed  only much less cluttered on this stripped down page. very, mmm, how can I say Twitter-like.For anyone who is a newbie to facebook this could be enticing.facebook-lite

You may notice that the ads are now lessened (at least for now) and  page loading and optimization is mush faster. When I went to lite.facebook.com link I was immediately greeted with the following having been already logged into my “old” Facebook. welcome-lite

I think I like it. What do you think?

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