Live Apple Event

Apple Event Invite 9-9-9



1.The scene is set Music is playing getting everyone revved Arrowsmith,The Stones, Hendrix…


2. Enter Steve Jobs to a Standing ovation!
Steve says,

“I’m very happy to be here with you all. As some of you might know, I had a liver transplant.” He said he now has the liver of a 20 year old who died in a car crash, and he thanks him for his generosity


3.New iPhone 3.1A free download for iPhone, ipod and iPod Touch with 3.0 already installed.
Itunes now offers 30,000 ringtones from top artists for 1.29 each.

4. :iTunes LP: It will include videos, liner notes, credits and other customized content that you used to get when you bought LPs in the past, except now it’s digital.


6.Home Sharing: in iTunes lets you copy songs, movies and TV shows among the 5 authorized computers in your house.Now you can drag songs from other libraries into YOUR library and it will copy it.
5. Redesigned iTtunes Store Better looking- “cleaner”, says Steve.

You may notice these arrows next to ‘buy’, well you can gift music, you can add to a wish list — and I can send directly to Facebook or Twitter.

7.App Syncing for the iPhone, allowing you to manage pages and app locations on iTunes directly.
This applies to Photos as well, selecting Events, people as well as albums that you’ve already set up.
Also new: improved syncing. So when you sync now you can sync these playlists, but you can now also select genres or artists directly from the Music sync tab.

8.Genius Mixes: is a Genius DJ playing songs from your library that it thinks will go well together. iTunes will make 12 by default, and all you have to do is click on one and it’ll start playing indefinitely.

Here’s iTunes 9.
9. App organization.
Drag and Drop Apps-

When I click on Apps, I can see everything that’s on my iPod. If I want to rearrange, I just click and drag. Drop it on another page, or I can select more than one at a time and drag those.

He refers to what a
great gaming device this is. When you think about the companies that came before us… when you played those other systems, they seemed so cool, but now when you look at them, they don’t stack up against the iPod touch.

Bart Decrem from Tapulous and others come up to demo their new hot games.The graphics are amazing and you can play music while playing the games. Games that were once thought only to be played on a consoe can now be senn on the iPod such as Madden NFL 2010 avaiable today.

12.Now the finale-Release the Hounds….New Ipods and New Prices

This can only be said in pictures:ipodcost


classic A thin version of the Classic and upping the capacity to 160GB, at the same price. $249.


Customers have asked us to expand the headphones you can use with the shuffle. New headphones will come out and all have the controller for the shuffle.

A rather disconcerting iPod shuffle voice now tells you when your battery is full, and when it will close the airlock. A new special edition polished stainless steel . New colors for the shuffle, pink, green, blue, silver and black. $59 for 2GB and $79 for 4GB

We’re going to build a camera into the back of every nano

camera and more…

and it’s green…

Norah Jones with her Fender Mustang plays us a mellow tune…
Steve returns and applauds…
It’s over!

Thanks to engadget for the photos.

UPDATE from ZDnet: Video of Steve Jobs Intro:

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