HUMOR- Google Pulls Apple from Search Results

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The Following Story is Intended for Humor Purposes Only.   This is not true, and was orginally posted at

Mountain View, CA – In response to Apple pulling the Google Voice application from the iPhone App Store, Google has removed all search results leading to from its index. Google is also redirecting searches for “iPhone” and “app store” to the page for Payback.

The official explanation was that the Google Voice app duplicated functions on the iPhone, but many think the rejection order came from AT&T. The application would allow users to make calls and send SMS messages for free using the app, threatening the profits of AT&T.

The Google Voice application is still available for Blackberry and Android phones.

Google’s official explanation for removing Apple from its search results came from Vice-President in charge of search, Marissa Mayer, “Those search results duplicate a lot of the functionality of other sites. For example, people can find cell phones on many other sites. We just think this makes it easier for our users.”

Exclusion from the search results could mean lower profits for Apple, as 90% of visitors reach their site by typing “” into Google.

Mayer denied that this was a direct response to Apple rejecting the Google Voice application. “It’s just a coincidence,” said Mayer.

Steve Jobs hinted that another strange coincidence might occur soon. “Safari may be getting a different search engine, just saying,” said Jobs.

“Oooh, I’m shaking,” said Mayer.

Some industry analysts think the retaliatory moves could result in all-out war like back in 1939, when a Polish sausage company stopped using pork from Germany. In response Germany invaded.

“We don’t want another situation like that,” said Bank of America’s George Pendry.

Apple stock was down on the news.

Again, this story is not true.

via BBspot – Google Pulls Apple from Search Results.

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