Handy-Dandy Pixel to Inch Converter

This summer I find myself going to a lot of forums to figure out some issues with my web design or searching for freebies that will make my design life easier. I am also finding that .uk sites often offer the most useful and friendly support. Although I have a widget converter that does all sorts of numeric conversions, I recently just wanted to quickly change inches into pixels in my code without having to open a major app, widget with multiple conversions or Photoshop, et cetera… I stumbled upon this nifty converter that allows down and dirty conversion from pixel to inches and vise versa which allows you to use presets or custom measurements. The creator of this handy flash based tool which installs and runs on my desktop as

a standalone executable ‘Flash Player 8 Projector File’ …no need to install any Flash plugins/players!

is Louis Dade on the Classical Web Designs Page.
Here is a picture of the handy little tool:
Kudos to Louis Dade!
Find it at http://go.cosmicthings.com/62211


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