Apple refusing royalty-free license to widget patent

Apple refusing royalty-free license to widget patent


Apple believes it has a patent that could potentially throw a wrench into an effort to develop a Web standard for updating widgets.

Last month Apple disclosed the patent (No. 5,764,992) to the W3C Web Applications Working Group, which is trying to come up with a standard entitled “Widgets 1.0: Updates,” as spotted by MacNN. Apple’s patent is for “A software program running on a computer automatically replaces itself with a newer version in a completely automated fashion, without interruption of its primary function, and in a manner that is completely transparent to the user of the computer,” according to the abstract on the patent.

When companies participate in a W3C standards-setting process, they must agree to disclose relevant patents and license any “essential claims” related to those standards to the group free from royalties. This is a good thing; just ask anyone involved in the DRAM standards-setting process in the 1990s.

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