The Cutest Little Business Cards

Okay, at Christmas time I recieved  a nifty little Radio Bookmark from NPR that allows me to save links to my favorite NPR stories (usually heard while driving to’ and fro’). I think it is one of the coolest gadgets around.

Last night I attended Chris& Ponzi  Pirrillo’s fantastic party @ SXSW (online of course). It was one of the coolest experiences I ever had .

Today, on my way home, I bookmarked, on my little gadget, a story from “All Tech Considered”, an interview with Omar Gallaga,of the Austin American Statesman. He spoke about this nifty gadget, the “Poken” which is a little gizmo with a usb attachment that actually allows you to gather each others’ networking profiles( if they also have a Poken) by hooking your Pokens together then later uploading the info to a free online database . The database contains virtual  business cards that display each person’s information. Here is a link to the NPR broadcast so you can listen:

Well I just had to investigate. So I went online when I got home and signed up for the poken site only to find that all the Pokens in America are Sold Out! Curses to all those greedy aficionados at SXSW!( lol) There are plenty in the Metherlands and the UK (They were invented by the Swiss btw. But the shipping costs for these $18.00 gadgets will kill you. Well I had to rant about it on the Poken support page and in less than a minute I got a nice reply from Stephane ( excuse my not having the correct diacritical mark)in Switzerland who told me not to fear, the Swiss have our backs 9well in some such terms) and they should be available on soon.

Not only are these high tech business cards of the future useful , they are cute as well. They come in geisha girl, panda, little bee, piggy, alien and voodo characters. You lock their little hands to exchange information. You can store up to 64 profiles before you have to upload.

Pokens pics:pokens

2 Pokens Hooking Up

2 Pokens Hooking Up

Here is the link to the Poken site.

Now, if I can just get my hands on one,  I won’t have to worry about losing those little pieces of card stock  with the precious networking info  on them amongst all of the flyers and samples and such that I get at conferences.


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