Author: Jackson Berger, Senior Editor

PlayStation's Kevin Butler mocks Wii and Natal!

The recently announced PlayStation Move controller is already being advertised by Sony.  PlayStation’s spokesman Kevin Butler is back at it again with the duty of promoting the Move – the revolutionary new motion-sensitive controller for use with the PlayStation 3. The PlayStation Move uses three main components to provide the most precise motion sensing controller ever: video tracking, a gyroscope, and an accelerometer.  The PlayStation Eye camera is responsible for tracking the Move, which is why it has the large colored ball on the top – to provide an easy tracking component for the PS Eye.  The rest is similar to the existing SIXAXIS motion sensing technology, albeit the newer technology is said to be even more precise. The PlayStation Move will be realeased in November of this year and several games are being developed for use with it, as well as some existing games will be updated to support it.  The only mention on the pricing is that the Move will cost no more than $100.  Stay tuned to Tech Talk for the latest developments with everything Sony and...

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