Month: May 2010

The Return of Pac Man-Thanks to Google

Google celebrated May 22, the birthday of Pac-Man by making their google doodle a playable version of the game including an “Insert Coin” button to get it started. The Search site was bombarded with users not searching, but playing Pac Man. Everyone was sad when they discovered it was only to be for 48 hours. Well now you can keep on playing Pac Man if you go to...

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Zuckerberg Sucks It Up- Admits Flawed Facebook Privacy Policies

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO has heard and finally assimilated all of the negative press and the criticism from government representatives and other groups and he is responding by : 1. admitting the errors of his ways concerning privacy on Facebook 2. addressing the privacy concerns by introducing new settings to Facebook. Here is the editorial, in its entirety, that was posted in the Washington Post and also sent to other agencies: Six years ago, we built Facebook around a few simple ideas. People want to share and stay connected with their friends and the people around them. If we give...

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New Low-Power Intel Chips Released

Intel has updated their popular 2010 Core series of processors by adding low power models designed for thin notebooks. The Core i3, i5, and i7 will use Intel’s latest manufacturing processes to boost performance. Intel has also updated their Celeron and Pentium chip lines, making them faster and smaller. These chips are going to be used by such computer makers as Acer, Asus and Lenovo. The Vice President for Intel says that some makers may also use the chips in tablet computers, but for now they will just stick to the ultra-thin notebook...

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HP Slate To Run Web OS

HP has confirmed reports that their new HP Slate tablet PC will be running Palm’s WebOS. HP acquired Palm earlier this year, and is now going into their first project together. WebOS will be used by HP for their tablet and smartphones. HP plans to release more details later next month and we could see it shipping this summer. Palm, known for their line of smartphones, was bought for 1.2 billion in April and wanted to add to HP’s line of smartphones, either by means of hardware or...

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