Month: March 2010

Google Chrome With Flash

Although it has been sounding as if Everyone(ie. Apple) is going towards h.264 and HTML5, Google has just announced that  Chrome will be serving up Flash. Google blog post on the partnership tells us  what we can expect. One of the key benefits to Chrome users will be that they receive automatic updates of new versions of Flash without a separate download. Google goes on to say that “improving the traditional browser plug-in model will make it possible for plug-ins to be just as fast, stable, and secure as the browser’s HTML and JavaScript engines.” This is quite a coup for Adobe for as we know, it has been shunned by  iPhone and iPad  when it used to have quite a partnership with...

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Breaking: iTunes Update Out Today

Just  in time for Saturday’s delivery of the first iPads  Apple has released an update to its iTunes software.The update includes iPad syncing and iBooks support but doesn’t include the music streaming that many have anticipated ever since Apple bought Palo Alto music site Lala in December. CNET quoted unnamed music industry sources who said Apple has said streaming music isn’t likely before the third quarter. One new iTunes feature Apple said it has included involve the Genius music feature which will now let users rename, rearrange and remove track mixes generated by the tool. Apple also updated iPhoto this week so that it will be ready for iPad users when they get their new tablet devices on...

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Yale Reconsiders Using Google Apps & Mail

Yale University was set to switch over its campus from using Horde Webmail to Gmail and its complement of services included in the Google Apps for Education package, but officials in the Information Technology Services division have announced they’re putting that move on hold. The gradual transition to Gmail would have been ongoing through the year and completed by next spring. According to the Yale Daily News, the original decision to switch over to Gmail was met with concerns and reservations from the faculty and administration. Several felt the decision had been made too hastily and without proper University approval. Deputy Provost for Science and Technology Steven Girvin said.“There were enough concerns expressed by faculty that we felt more consultation and input from the community was necessary,” Computer science professor Michael Fischer said the concerns included ideological issues, technological risks and downsides, security issues, and issues surrounding the way Google handles the data in its cloud. Each piece of information gets stored in three randomly chosen data centers around the world, and Google was unwilling to provide a list of the countries Yale’s data might go to — only a list of 15 countries where the data was guaranteed not to be sent. Said Fischer of the data issue: “Yale is an international, multicultural community of scholars. Students deserve to have rights to their information while on campus.” How...

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Apple iPad Update

The Apple iPad hits the stores this weekend amidst a lot of hype and anticipation for the apps that will be available. Here is some of the latest information we have that may answer some of your questions. Will other vendors be able to sell the iPad? Apple confirmed  that most Best Buy stores will also have iPads on Saturday. 3G versions of the iPad will be out late April while the Wi-Fi versions will sell for $499-$699, depending on how much storage it carries. One caveat on this, nitial pre-orders are sold out. Unless you get one at a store, the earliest you might see an online order placed today is around April 12. What about the lack of Flash on the iPad? There have been many announcements of apps being released by several developers for the iPad. They seem to be working around the Flash issue. Mainly this is being done by the converting of Flash to HTML5. What ebooks and newspapers will be available at launch.? About 30,000 free e-books will  available at launch. The publishers are actually still looking to the iPad as a lifesaver  reeling them in many new subscribers. The Wall Street Journal hopes to glean $17.99 a month per reader. Any new and different types of content for the iPad? Well for one, MTV Networks, for example, is developing a “co-browsing app...

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Glee Auditions on MySpace

We Mentioned several months ago that online auditions for the upcoming  Glee season would be held on the Show’s website on Fox in April. Well, Now that have announced auditions right from their Myspace profile. If you have stars in your eyes and are between the ages of 16 and 26, you  can submit an audition video either by uploading your own pre-recorded video or choosing from a selection of MySpace Karaoke Glee hits on the Glee Auditions Official MySpace Profile. Glee Open Casting Call Video with Matthew MorrisonGlee Auditions | MySpace...

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